Top 10 Films of 2012!

Here’s my Top 10 Movies of 2012! Of course this is all opinion, so don’t get too crazyyyy.

1. Django Unchained

Leo is a lot different from his other roles. HE’S AMAZING.

This movie blew me away. Tarantino does it again with hilarious dialogue, extreme violence, and controversial material.

2. Skyfall

Classy as hell.

This is my favorite Bond movie, even beating Casino Royale. That movie was great! The movie never felt it’s playtime. This “reboot” of the series is much appreciated. Also, Roger Deakins and Sam Mendes= yes.

3. Lincoln


Speilberg does it again! A movie that doesn’t get boring despite its subject matter. I like US History, but most people don’t. It keeps the pace, and the ending is so tense, even when we know the ending. Also, Daniel Day-Lewis = win.

4. Silver Linings Playbook

Great onscreen chemistry.

I walked into this movie blind, without even watching a trailer. I was so thrown off by it in the beginning, but as the movie concluded, I could see what David O. Russell was doing…and it was awesome. The acting is magnificent; Robert DeNiro is finally doing something good, Bradley Cooper surprises everyone, and Jennifer Lawrence presents her acting chops that were displayed in Winter’s Bone. This was awesome.

5. Moonrise Kingdom

More great onscreen romance!

One of the funniest movies of the year. Well, to me. Many people won’t like this movie because of how quirky and weird it is. I personally laughed my ass off. I was watching it in New York also, so the theater was packed, and everyone laughed and understood the little jokes. In Houston, no one would’ve been in the theaters. Poo.

6. Argo

Bryan Cranston! When he’s in something, it has to be good. Let’s forget about Total Recall…

The beginning moved somewhat slow to me, with very little suspense. The movie finally does kick into gear in the last act, the “heist” scene. Literally on the edge of my seat. Ben Affleck does it again! Three in a row.

7. The Cabin in the Woods


I posted a review about this earlier this year, but I guess it got deleted? Whatever. This is a wonderful satire of the modern state of horror films (even when it was made in 2009). Getting deep into the messages is really fun, and watching with friends is even more entertaining. Enlightening people that think this movie is just “another horror movie” is so fun.

8. Les Miserables


A very very very very very sad movie. I almost cried 15 times. Acting is great, direction is great, singing is meh. Go watch with your friends so you can all cry together!

9. End of watch

These scenes are the best. So hilarious!

This movie was a surprise to me. I walked in expecting a 6, just a fun buddy cop movie. What I got was one of the most intense movies I’ve seen this year! It ratchets up the risks and the tension every 5 minutes. The characters feel so real, especially the Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena. Their chemistry is impeccable. The only detracting thing from this movie is the generic villains and lack of normal things to compare all this crazy stuff to. They’re always saying. “Man our work is so boring.” Then the every 5 seconds they find a billioin pounds of crack and dead bodies everywhere.

10. Life of Pi

so beautiful.

I walked in with no expectations, and walked out blown away! This was a great movie from start to almost finish. The end is somewhat choppy, and it wants to describe everything to the viewer, when I think it should have been left to interpretation. Also, the CGI was great, but it still pulled me out of the experience. Still a wonderful movie though.

Fun movies that don’t require thinking:

1. Expendables 2 – what the first one should have been! The action is insane, and the comedy is very appreciated. Laughed a lot in the theater.

2. 21 Jump Street – another surprise. This movie is hilarious, and the action isn’t that bad…

3. Wreck-It Ralph – another hit from Pixar. This movie has themes that run through most Pixar movies, making it feel slightly recycled. However, the video game concept is pulled off amazingly.

4. The Raid : Redemption – one of ( if not ) the best action movies I’ve ever seen. That’s all I can say.

5. Marvel’s Avengers – the first hour is incredibly slow for people that have seen the other 6 Marvel movies, but it makes up for it for the other hour and a half. Fast and furious and fun, all I wanted out of this movie.


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