Hip Hop Music Update 7/10/12

Macklemore recently released a track off of his new album, “The Heist”, which releases on October 9th. Macklemore has been my favorite rapper for some time now, after first hearing him on the single “Wings”.

Here’s the new track called, “Same Love”.

It started with Obama, and really fueled by Frank Ocean. I truly think that things are slowly changing, and with the release of this song, it will help. Many people have stopped listening to Macklemore because of this song, but he also has picked up many others. I commend him for releasing this knowing that it would cause hate to be thrown at him.


Hopsin has released another part of his Ill Mind series. This one is much more serious, but has the dark humor. His flow is still as fiery as ever, and he’s really one to watch as his new album approaches.


Dark Knight Rises – Movie Review

The Dark Knight Rises, but not above its predecessor.

It has an amazing cast, with no one left out. The pacing and soundtrack are the only things lacking however. It seems to jump everywhere and not really know what is going on. Many characters were just added to say some expository dialogue and then just taken away. Some people just randomly pop in and then leave just as quickly.  The two men helping Bane? Boom gone. The relationships in this movie were very forced and did not feel genuine at all. A lot of it was like, “Hi, wanna have sex? K.” There was no development with many of the characters, aside from Batman himself. It also feels extremely rushed despite it being almost three hours. I also have problems with Bane, but I’ll talk about that in the spoiler part of this review.

But enough with the bad. Let’s talk about what’s so great about it. One, the casting. It was a phenomenal star studded cast, from series veteran Christian Bale to new comers Joseph Gordon Levitt. Everyone displayed great acting, and no one had nothing to do. Everyone was part of the story. The CGI was great with the Batwing, and the practical ones with the Batmobile are also very stunning.

The fight scenes were much better in this movie than any other Nolan movie to date. The shots were much longer, and the fighting much more agile. Even though the shots were longer, they could still be extended. Much of the cuts are just to confuse the audience so we don’t really know what the hell is going on.

The action sequences are more frequent, but don’t have any impact on anything. In Dark Knight, when things happened and there were action scenes, there was always something at stake. Harvey Dent’s life, the lives of countless Gotham citizens, etc. In this it’s like, “I think we should insert an action scene. K.”

There is never any build up to anything. It’s more like, here’s some facts, it happens. We know it’s going to happen, so there’s not ever any suspense. In The Dark Knight, there suspense is running so high throughout the movie and the build up is so intense, that at the very end when it does finish, it is so satisfying. In here, it has practically no build up. Things just….happen.

Now to the soundtrack. In the more suspenseful moments, It could have really been elevated with the use of “Why So Serious?” from the Dark Knight OST. There was a feeling of hopelessness and dread, but not ever comparing to the Dark Knight. It was very loud and rampant, but the single note that increased in pitch and volume of the other film was much more effective.

Now, with this review, it seems like the score is like a 3.5. It really isn’t. I haven’t talked about how well it links back to the original, and how epic the scenes really are. There are some extremely emotional moments when all hope seems to be lost, and the dread that overcomes everybody is so strong. It does have a perfect and extremely satisfying ending to things, but the events before it is like a really big, loaded cheeseburger. A little sloppy (and sometimes very anti climactic) , but still really good.

Nolan put too much on his plate, and he just couldn’t do it neatly. If he had had less characters, and more time to develop something simply, ( but still make it epic ), then that would have been great.

Overall: 7/10




I shall now nit pick the shit out of this movie.

So. This is spoilers. This might just be stream of consciousness where I rant about things I had problems with.

So. When we find out the Talia Al Ghul is actually behind everything, all my respect and my fear of Bane vanished in about 5 seconds. I had thought that Bane was this genius that came up with everything, but at the same time, was a true demon in human form. He had came out of that hole, and he had risen from hell to deliver it to Gotham. But we find out that she lifted him out, and she thought of the whole thing. Which really just makes him…the brawn. The muscle. Just the big guy that can really wail on Batman. Also, his death is so so so so so anticlimactic it hurt inside. Boom. Done. Felt that way with Scarecrow in the original film also.

Solution: It may not be accurate to the comics, but I think that Bane really should have been the son of Ras Al Ghul. He would have been a genius and a physical beast. He really would have been Gotham’s Reckoning. Putting Talia into the story doesn’t change anything at all, just a way to link it to the original.

The suspense. What suspense? There was never any build up to anything, and it really frustrated me. When Bane explains his master plan ( which isn’t his ), things just happened. There really wasn’t any dread, it was just like. Okay. These are going to happen. Even when he blew the football field half to hell, it wasn’t even that impressive or climactic at all. It also was a feeling of, well that sucks. The mayor even gets blown to bits, and no one mentions him for the rest of the film. The whole war charging part is also very anti climactic. It seems so epic and when the clash it’s more of a whimper than a bang.

There just needed to be a lot more fleshing out of the project of Talia, and the stocks, and how that came to be, and not just in one line of dialogue. There needed to be development in things, not just things that look cool happening on screen.

Well. I’m going to end this here before I rip my hair out. I love the ending, but again, it feels extremely rushed. It just jumps so quickly between the scenes. What you’re Robin? Oka…cave ok…wait. so Bat signal is up agi…wai….Directed by Nolan?

The ending of Lord of the Rings is the true example of how you should finish a trilogy.

Make it epic, and if you can’t juggle that many characters, don’t. Peter Jackson did it so expertly, juggling, what, 20 characters, all fully developed and with dialogue? Nolan must practice this, as he’s never really had the practice. All of his other movies focused on one or two people.

Inception: Leo

Dark Knight: Batman, Joker, Harvey Dent a little, Gordon a little

Memento: Guy Pearce

The Prestige: Jackson and Bale

Insomnia: Pacino, Williams

Batman Begins: Batman

His next film will be about the Aviator, so it’ll just be one man, so I think it will be good.