Hip Hop Music Update 5/7/12

So! Here I am flexing my other muscle, which is my interest and love in music. I’ll just be talking about the new hip hop tracks that have been released that make me very excited.

This is Autographs, from one of my favorite MC’s, Reks. He has this very classic, yet modern flow, which I really love. He could maybe compared to Nas. His beats are also great, hard hitting and straightforward, no electro synths or beats.

The music video may represent some very generic images from the hip hop genre, such as guns, women, and gold grills, A$AP Rocky’s music and anything but. Reminds me a little of Kanye West, image wise. Very catchy song, much better rapping from him since his first album.

NOW. The Kanye West Audio Blowout of Tracks from his new GOOD MUSIC Compilation!

This song is so amazing. I just really like it, with his Kanye West flow ( Weird rhymes, while he talks about really stuff. ), and his Kanye West beat ( really catchy, simple, and random AHH’S ). You gotta fall in love with this little kid lip syncing along to his ( very explicit ) song. Just take out DJ Khaled, and it’ll be good.

This song is just full of swag ( yes, I just used this word), with decent rappers throughout. The beat for this one is decent, and yet again the AHH. Simple again, and it is likeable, but I got tired of this one after a few listens. Big Sean delivers with his simple lyrics again, full of assquakes, but at least he raps pretty decently. Pusha T has a pretty good verse after he stops rhyming Hoe with Hoe. I really like the interlude, ( “It is a weeping and a moaning and a gnashing of teeth….” ) followed by the paradigm shift with very menacing beat and Kanye rapping over it. This is my favorite part of this track, kind of like a red carpet out for Mr.West. 2 Chains then follows with a decent verse, not too bad, but not good.

This very southern beat is rapped over by Kanye, Pusha T, Chief Keef, Jadakiss, and Big Sean. This is probably my least favorite track released so far, with very simplistic rhymes. All of the verses on this track are very generic, and full of things they don’t like. Which means they find things to rhyme with like. A lot. I do like the shift for Big Sean and Jadakiss, it introduced a very quiet and interesting beat. Simplistic, and the rappers are allowed to do more than what Pusha T, Kanye, Chief Keef did.

The newest track released, and I have to say that it is pretty good. Big Sean and Meek Mill rip this one apart, with a good beat consisting of bells and horns. Sounds really big and epic, like the hook. Yes, let that sh*t burn. I enjoyed all the verses spit by these two. Fast flows with complex rhythms always attract me. Big Sean is shaping up to be one of my favorite parts of this new album, aside from the beats.

We’re finishing strong with a new track from Nas! Rapped so beautifully by this hip hop veteran, combining a very hard hitting beat with equally hard hitting lyrics and flow. Every about this just screams classic, but with a very nice coat of modern paint on it. The epicness of this track rivals the first single from the album, “Nasty”. I think I’m ready for Nasty Nas now, extremely excited for this new album.

Thanks for reading through this, and I hoped you enjoyed it.

Did you guys hear any new and interesting things recently? What did you think about the songs above? Leave a comment!


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