Marvel’s The Avengers : Movie Review


Finally, all the planning since Marvel got their own film studio, the Avengers is here. They’ve been planning this movie for 4 years since the first Iron Man, and it very well reaches expectations.

Joss Whedon, Producer of Cabin in the Woods and Director of Firefly and Buffy, wrote and directed this, and he did an amazing job. The script and screenplay is amazing. All of the characters, though larger than life, get their own screen time with their own character arc. The way he masterfully balanced all of the characters without any one overshadowing another is almost godlike. That being said, The Hulk gets the best lines, and is the funniest one out of everybody.


The movie has a very character driven plot, unlike most action and popcorn movies these days. This movie has heart. The movie begins with all of the characters clashing ( literally and figuratively), and you can just feel the tension between the dialogue. Iron Man especially is a little whipper snapper with some witty lines.

As the movie goes along, the characters develop individually, and as a group. The action scenes are not just for show, like some other movies.

cough Transformers cough Michael Bay cough.

“C’mon, first base…”

All of the action scenes advance the plot and the characters in a very significant way. No spoilers here, but the Helecarrier scene, though a big spectacle, was very important to all of the characters. This movie was made on a very large budget, but while you’re watching it, you can’t really tell. There aren’t giant snazzy money shots with Iron Man blowing things up.

Being a character driven plot, the villian, Loki and his army of Ch…somethings, are not extremely important. Loki is amazing and sinister, don’t get me wrong, but his army of thingies, was really not important. The real enemy was themselves, and with the ending epic battle, this is resolved beautifully as the Avengers work as a team. They just happen to save the world, and beat up a demi god’s butt in the process.

He must have awkward Facebook pictures.

That’s enough about the story, on to the actors.

Everybody was great as who the played. The contrasting personalities of everyone are really exemplified, and it is shown very well. Most of these characters we’ve already seen in previous movies, so let’s talk about the Hulk.

Mark Ruffalo steps in as the new Hulk after Edward Norton and Eric Bana.

This is the Hulk everyone has been waiting for. He is very vulnerable, and at times, can seem very volatile to turning into the Hulk. However, his brains can be seen a lot in this movie, as him and Robert Downey Jr., or Iron Man, get along very well with their scientific jibber jabber. Bruce Banner and the Hulk have very very VERY funny lines, and made me very excited to see what they can do with the sequels of the stand alone Hulks.

There are a few problems though.

The opening scene, with the tesseract, was filmed very awkwardly with some weird editing and camera angles. It was very generic action movie filming, and made me a bit disappointed. However, after that, the rest was good.

The other was that the enemy could have been anybody. There was no focus on the impending invading army, and that just made them a blank slate. They could have been punching bags for Captain America.

There are some mild pacing issues at the beginning, and some weird editing choices, but after the first 15 minutes. everything is fine.

The Avengers is a movie event that I will not soon forget. An ensemble cast, a new perfect script, and an amazing director, are all contributing factors to this great film. The hype is very well justified, and I recommend everyone see this film.

You’ll have a blast.

Oh, and stay after the credits.

Fun Factor: 10/10

Good Factor: 8/10

Final Score: 9/10


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